Cardboard Boxes Everywhere!

Boxes everywhere taking up space and a pain to manage.

No box knives. No balers. No Bags.

Almost everything we need is shipped to our home or a cardboard box! Most often a box 10 times the size needed is used to ship our orders to us! How can we manage all this waste? It takes up space, is a royal pain to breakdown and very costly. Plus, your identifying information is on every box!!

The Shredbox solves this problem. It quietly and safely breaks down your boxes to dust. No identity theft. No box knives. No balers. Reduces bin size needed and reduces plastic bags or eliminates them all together.

Start shredding

Help Your Business

Paying your staff or even outsourcing the management of your box breakdown and  collection can be very costly. Not only for the TIME it takes, but the potential LIABILITY considering the “tools” they use to get the job done. Box knives, saws and balers are some of the most commonly used items for this process. The Shredbox replaces them all!

Environmental Benefits

Do you ship out products to your clients? Stop using plastics that take forever to breakdown. Use your own boxes as packaging materials and keep more boxes out of the ground.